Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Roo update

Still dealing with a sick Roo here; Saturday night was horrible and I ended up sleeping with her so I could make sure she was still breathing. She was coughing and had to get up twice for breathing treatments. I also started her back on Prednisone which is an oral steroid used to treat sever asthma among other things. We have an asthmas action plan worked out with Roo’s Pediatric Pulmonologist and when she enters the ‘yellow’ zone we administer prednisone at home once a day for 3-5 days. I hate this.

First Roo fights it because it tastes really really bad (yes I have tasted a drop to see). She calls it the yucky medicine and tells me that she isn’t sick and won’t cough anymore! Second; I think that if Roo’s asthma is acting up enough for her to be taking oral steroids then she should be seen by a doctor. I Alaska they would have to administer the prednisone at the doctors office or in the ER and monitor Roo’s progress for four hours before making a decision to send her home or admit her…

Yesterday morning first thing I called her Pulmonologist to have her seen (per their action plan). Yeah; the first available appointment…April 27th! WTF? They tell me to call her Pediatrician and have her seen there. I call them; no appointments available. The tech tells me that she can get her in tomorrow but I insist she has to be seen today. Blah blah blah they put me on hold, I talk to a nurse and she can be seen at 3pm…grrrrr OK

So hubby is taking her to the doc because I’m at my favorite place…I call him and have him write down word for word everything I tell him about since she has been sick, medicine giving, dates, times. He brings her in and the doc hears something in Roos’ left lung. After x-rays Roo is diagnosed with pneumonia. They prescribe her antibiotics and tell hubby to keep up with breathing treatments and steroids for 3 more days. AND get this; she fine to go to preschool and dance class today!

Roo was up at 4am this morning coughing away. I’m tired and I hate doctors right now.

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