Thursday, March 12, 2009

These people are CRAZY

When we moved to Virginia I wasn't working, so I was hitting the gym 5+ days a week trying to lose the 50+ lbs I gained living in Alaska (and having a baby).
I started working again in Jun 2008. From Jun 2008 - Feb 2009 I gained 16lbs back from what I had lost! All these people do is eat. It's crazy. So in Feb I decided to really start hitting the gym again and watching what I eat. I've lost 10lbs of the 16lbs I had gained but I have a lot more to go. AND I can't really post anymore of my weight loss because of the summer challenge I'm doing.

Today we had a conference in our Learning Center and lunch was provided. One of the girls I work with came over to tell me that there was some food left in the kitchen. The catering company makes this killer pasta salad so I went over to get a small bowl of it. The kitchen was packed! Everyone was trying to get in there to get what was left over of the brownies, pasta salad and sandwiches. So OK that's fine, it's late afternoon, everyone is hungry...but there is one lady how is filling up bowls and plates FULL of food and wrapping it up on tinfoil. WTF; their are people who want to eat it here and she is packing it up to take home??? So I go to get a bowl of the pasta salad; there's not much left (which I am thinking is a good thing so I don't pig out) and she snatches up the bowl and empties it. I swear; I wanted to punch her in the face. It didn't help that this lady is a total bitch at work. She's the type that you can walk by and say hello and she'll give you a dirty look like she doesn't know who you are. She's worked here for like 100 years and dresses like my grandmother would in 1960. (that was mean, but now I'm hungry and pissed)!

I work with a bunch of crazy people, I'm sure you'll hear more about them soon enough.

So no afternoon snack for me, I guess she did me a favor cause I didn't need to eat it anyway...but still! I guess I'll just grab an apple on the way to the gym tonight. Body Pump tonight - it's hard.


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