Saturday, March 14, 2009

Myspace blog vs. Blogger

I have been blogging here and there on Myspace since January 2006, I moved to Blogger for a short while in 2007 when one of the jobs I was working had Myspace blocked.

Now I'm back! Not because anything is block, because; I've been following (and commenting on some) blogs here, then I am doing the summer weight loss challenge thing; which I hope you're not getting tired of hearing about...but I want to Norfolk for Tubro Jam class today. Hard workout. The Ab part killed me after my Ab Sculpting on Thursday.

Anyway, I like it and hope that some people will move this way from my Myspace blog.

Some of my Myspace followers are complaining. Guess they miss me over there.
I'm trying to drag them overt his way but looking that I only have one comment and it wasn't' ever from a Myspace friend. (thanks Matter of Fact Mommy)

Well guys come on over...I'm not coming back

By the way; the TV show Kath and Kim totally sucks. Why the fuck do I watch this shit?



Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

i've been hanging around here a lot lately. don't get used to it. when you check your blog archives years from now, you'll be all "WHO THE FUCK IS THIS MOFM BITCH?!" anyhoo.

re: kath and kim (as i know nothing about myspace), my son fucking LOVES that show. and i have NO.IDEA.WHY. i'm thinking, even at 5yrs old he knows that whatshername is hilarious and selma whateverthefuckherlastnameis is hot... but seriously. WHY DOES HE INSIST ON WATCHING KATH & KIM?!

(btw, i have heard a couple of funny lines on the show, but I'm Just Not That Into It. heh.)

Kris said...

MOFM - I could never forget you! You crack me up and it makes me happy there are other moms out there like me!

I started watching Kath & Kim when it first aired just to see if I liked it, now I feel like I have to much invested to stop...but the show kinda sucks and it's that funny. Oh well, give me something to do while home with Roo on Friday night while Hubby's out playing with his friends. MUST BE NICE huh?