Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mom's getting married

My mom and her BF Mike are getting married this summer in Alaska. This means me, hubby and Roo will be flying up to AK in June. Although I am excited about the trip, seeing my mom and my Alaska friends; it's kinda stressing me out. AND planning a Alaska wedding from VA sucks ass.
I already knew it would, I mean John and I got married in Maine and I planned that wedding from VA. It's harder now because Alaska doesn't have all the same stores as the rest of the United States! They just got a Target!
My mom found a dress she loved online. She hummmed and haaaed over it for a while (showed it to Mike - who wasn't suppose to see the dress) but we bought it yesterday. I love it! She's going to look so amazing. We also have the guest list pretty much done (yeah there's only 10 people so that wasn't very hard).

Next on the list:
Hotel Room

Oh yeah and I still need to buy my plane tickets and get MY dress! LOL

I have also been asked to be the Maid of Honor at Crystal's wedding. She's lucky I love her and excepted cause I don't like being in weddings, I'd rather just attended and get inappropriately drunk at the receptions...
But once her and Chris set a date I'll be planning that one too!

I should change careers and be a party/wedding planner...yeah RIGHT!

OH BTW; here's the dress:

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Keli said...

Oh, your mom will look so amazing in that dress! I cannot wait to see pics of the wedding!! Give them both a hug and kiss from me and the kids! I wish I could come!!