Friday, March 6, 2009

Body Pump Class

Yesterday was a crazy busy day (just like every other day). I worked all day and had to run home on my lunch break to let me dogs out because after work I had to go get Roo and head straight to the gym. I took a Body Pump class for the first time. I posted a description from the class below from the gym's website:

A group barbell class that challenges every major muscle in your body. Ten stationary routines using weights and music, strengthen and tone in record time. Speeds metabolism for fat burning.

My friend from work was going to go with me but she bailed because she had some other stuff to take care of. So here I am in this class that I have never been to...lost. I have no idea what I am doing and this class is packed. I find a spot in the way back of the room, grab the same equipment as the girls around me and wait. The instructor ask if there is anyone new to the class, of course my hand is the only one that goes up. She hands me some papers and off we go!
At first I was thinking, this is great; I like weights. Then the squats began. We did 110 of them...with weights. And lunges - more than 50; I lost count when my knees started giving out.
Thank god for the lady beside me, she would tell me when to use the lighter weights and how to hold the bar! This class was a full body workout for sure. My legs and bum as sooo sore; I have been wattling around all day. My arms aren't that bad surprisingly.

After the gym I still had to get Roo home, fed and in the bath. But I got it all done and even though I am sore I feel great for pushing myself and trying something new. I was going to go to Cycle class tonight but I think I need a break and I can always to my elliptical at home if my legs are feeling better later.

Tomorrow I am going to try Turbo Jam...wish me luck.


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