Thursday, June 16, 2011

A new begining

Wow I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I have posted a blog. What a slacker!

So much has changed for me this year. We moved into a new house that we love. Roo started (and has now completed) kindergarten. I started a new job. And the biggest change…I’ve lost 37.4 lbs. I want to get back into blogger regularly and shift this blog into a motivational diary to keep my on track. See I actually lost 48 lbs this year but I have gain 10 lbs back. I’ve extremely disappointed with myself so I need some accountability.

I’ll give you a little background. I have always been pretty thin and athletic. I joined the Air Force when I was 17 so staying in shape was part of the job. After I got married and started getting older the weight slowly crept up on me as it does so many women. By the time I was 22 and just pregnant with Roo I was around 160 lbs and a size 10. See I’ve always weighted a lot. Even with I was a size 4 I weighted 145 lbs. I wasn’t skinny by any means but I wasn’t ‘fat’ either.

I was on bed rest for most of my pregnancy and gained close to 80 lbs. being a first time mom I thought that I would have my daughter and be back in my old jeans by the time I went back to work. Oh how wrong was I! I did drop some of the weight but went on to yoyo diet for the next 4.5 years.

Last April a few girls at work and I did the biggest loser weight loss competition. At the start of the challenge I weighed in at 213.4 lbs! I couldn’t believe how fat I let myself get. I was barely fitting into a size 16 pants. There were a lot of things that I can blame on why I was fat but I truly believe the biggest struggle for me is that I am an emotional eater. I eat when I’m happy, I eat when I’m sad, I eat when I’m depressed. Eating was how I coped but then after eating things I knew I shouldn’t I just felt worse.
This challenge was the jump start I really needed. I started working out regularly and joined Weight Watchers. At first the weight was coming off easy and I think I lost 7 lbs the first week. After the first few weigh-INS it started coming off slower but I stayed on track. I would have some weeks better than others but I never gained more than a few pounds if I splurged on the weekend.

After changing jobs in October I was doing very well with my weight loss and exercise program. I had a regular gym buddy whose son is my daughter BFF. It worked out great. We’d workout and the kids would play in the kid’s zone at the gym. Even my husband was on board and had dropped over 25 lbs too! At the one year mark I had lost just over 48 pounds and I felt great. My first goal was to lose 50 and I was so close…

So what the hell happen? I couldn’t tell you. Not only did I fall off the wagon; I ate everything on the damn thing. As I stated earlier I am very disappointed with myself because I have gained 10 lbs back but the bottom line is I got rid of all my ‘fat’ clothes and I refuse to by bigger pants. So I have to lose because I’m running out of things to wear. I’m done beating myself up and making excusing. It’s back on track.
My gym buddy has been transferred to Florida as they’re a military family too. Her husband and son are still here for a few more weeks so Roo will have her friend at the gym. I need to make the most out of it because I know she won’t be as excited to go once he leaves to join his mom at the end of June.

I hope to blog as much as possible and to stay honest about my weight and what I eat each day. I hope you enjoy the ride with me and please keep me motivated.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving is a pain

I want to move. Roo starts school in September and if we stay where we are she's going to have to go to private school.

My problem is I can't find a house to rent, my current lease is up May 1st but I'll be in florida April 30th - May 7th. Every place I look at is either to small or a dump.

Most of the time I can't even get the property manager to call me back! Then when I finally get a hold of them they're rude. There is one house that has been on the market since 1 January. I've called to try to view it 4 times and no one has returned my calls. I wonder If the owners know how crappy their property managers are?

God I hope I find something soon

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

What are we feeding our kids?

I found a new blog today and you guys have to go check her out, especially if you have kids in school. Roo is getting ready to start school in September and I am so glad I found this blog before then.

Ok so here is the scoop. Mrs Q is an anonymous school teacher in the mid-west. She has concerns about what her students are eating for lunch. She has been eating lunch in the cafeteria at the school for 2010. Her posts even include photos of the lunches that are being served and I’ll tell you one thing – I don’t want my Roo eating ½ that junk. Granted Roo is slim and could stand to gain a few pounds but she needs to be consuming nutritious foods. I am strict on what she eats and drinks but not so much that she is not allowed to be a kid. She is only allowed to drink water, milk or 100% juice. Roo has never even tried soda. Not even Sprite. The kid won’t even drink chocolate milk!
She is somewhat of a picky eater and at Preschool they tell me if she doesn’t like what is being served she won’t eat.

If you have a few minutes go check out Mrs. Q’s blog and let me know what you think…Also, this is how I found the blog.
I see a lot of home packed lunch in my future!

And we are still doing the biggest loser challenge at work. I’m down 7.2lbs total!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend wrap up

Last week I introduced a chore chart to Roo. I came home from work with it and made a huge deal out of it. I got smiley face stickers and every time she completes a chore she gets a sticker. If she does well at the end of the week she gets a $5 allowance. Everyone has told me this is too much for a 4 year old but I think it’s fair for what she has to do…

Thursday Roo came home with a cold from school. That night it got progressively worse and I had to stay home with her on Friday. Roo and the Hubs are both sick and I swear if I get sick I’m going to be pissed! Friday night Hubby took me to the movies and we saw Shutter Island. Hated it. But I don’t like most movies. Saturday we went out for Sushi and then to the mall where I got a new Coach purse. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Sunday was church and Roo got her allowance. I was very proud because she gave $1 to the church. Then we went to see Green Girls new house. She is a first time home buyer and it’s very cute. After the visit we hit up Wal-Mart and Roo bought herself a pink toothbrush holder and her brothers (wiener and pug face) dog treats with her OWN money. The rest of the money went into her piggy bank. We had a late lunch at P.F. Changs and then headed home where I went on a cleaning spree because I got a new Sharp steam cleaner mop.

Today we started The Biggest Loser at work (hence why I ate like a pig this weekend)
There is only one other girl doing it that weight more than me and it’s only by 1lbs! I need to seriously loose some weight before our Disney trip in May.
I’ve eaten well all day and I’m heading to the gym tonight. My goal is -3lbs this week.
I think that’s a realistic goal…

Monday, February 22, 2010

kids say the darndest things

I went and checked out some of my favorite blogs today and all I have to say is…At least I’m not the only slacker around. Hubby got home late last week so Roo wants nothing to do with me! Here are a few smart ass comments she made to me over the past few days.

I was on the computer chatting with my sis and I asked her to turn on the light. She dramatically stomps over to the light switch and says:

“AHHH why do I have to do EVERYTHING in this house?!”

Ummm ok – you’re 4! You’re responsibilities are to keep you playroom and bedroom somewhat clean (I’m happy if you can see the floor) and pick up the crap you leave around MY house. I responded by telling her that she has to do it because I asked her very nicely. That’s when I got this gem

“I’m not your maid you know” as she stomps off.

Yeah it was kind of funny. What can I say, she’s a small version of me.

The next day we’re all going to play outside, Roo and hubby are walking out the door and I yell “wait for me” to which she replies that she doesn’t want me to come out and play only her DAD. My feelings where a little hurt and Hubby told her she was being mean and then “Ok, Ok, fine you can come.”

This morning I woke her up to get her dressed for school and she’s all like NO I want my daddy. Well Daddy’s at work already. Her response…

(SIGH) “It’s like he didn’t ever come HOME!”

Yeah kid, tell me about it

It's 50 out today and it hasn't snowed all week. Maybe spring is coming?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Becoming a mom makes you crazy

Does becoming a mom make you crazy? I remember when I was younger and thinking that my mom was nuts. Now I am her! Roo is having problems with two boys at school being meal to her. They’re boys – I tell her to pretend that they are invisible and if she stops reacting to them they will stop teasing her. BUT some of the shit these boys say is inappropriate; Tuesday one of the boys told Roo he was going to kill her. This is not language that we use at our house so I told her the same old story about walking away and being the bigger person. Roo can be sensitive so I spoke to the Assistant Director at her preschool about it. She talked to Roo and the boys about nice words to use with our friends.

I’ve been pretty busy with Hubby being out of town and all that. My mom called me twice on Wednesday and I was not able to answer the phone. There is a 4 hour time difference so it makes it hard to talk. Both of us work during the day and I usually answer her call when I’m at work. Wednesday I didn’t. She sent me a text saying “I’m not calling you anymore cause it’s a waste of my time” my mom never texts. Sometimes I get a photo or her or her husband for Roo but other than that she doesn’t text. I texted her back “Stop being so dramatic” I’ve called her three times since and she hasn’t answered!

Hubby has been gone for a month today but he’ll be home in two weeks! I can’t wait, I need a break. This weekend is the 2010 Polar Plunge. It’s supposed to be cold, rainy/snowy and windy…yay! Our team has raised over $3,700 for the Special Olympics.

I’ll post some photos next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nobody loves me; everybody hate me...

My favorite part of tax season is the people dressed up in those Statue of Liberty outfits dancing on the corners. They are hilarious and I hope they pay them well! Other than that we pretty much get raped in taxes and I’m hoping to break even this year. It sucks when I hear other people that don’t work get a shit load of money back. I must be doing something wrong. Last year I asked the guy why we have to pay so much and he actually told me that we make to much money…yeah well MAYBE I would if the IRS would stop taking it!
Oh and an update on my car break in. I get a voicemail on my phone from a private investigator my bank has. He has a cop that is trying to get a hold of me. He leaves me the officers number and I call him back…let me explain one thing real quick…I live in Hampton – I work in Newport News. They are two different cities but are right next to each other. SO the cop tells me that he caught someone using my card but had to let him go because he didn’t have a statement from me and was unable to contact me! WTF DUDE? I told him the story and that I had filed a police report in Hampton. He tells me well I’m a Newport News officer (the station he works at is 1000ft from my office and my company owns the building they’re in) he then tells me they caught the guy across the street from my work. What are the chances of that? He says he’s going to come and see me to get a sworn statement that I didn’t allow him to use my card. The card came back stolen that should be enough indication I didn’t allow him to use the card! This was Tuesday…I’m still waiting for him to come see me.

SO yesterday I call the Hampton PD to let them know what is going on and they tell me there is nothing they can do. Newport News isn’t their jurisdiction… GRRRRR

I’m pretty much getting the run around. He got $140.37 out of my checking account and my $600+ in belongings but oh well. I’m pretty pissed and I’m going to end up called over to Newport News PD and just trying to file a separate fraud report for him using my card. I don’t know what else to do? Any ideas? I was hoping when they said they caught him I’d be able to get my stuff back but the more time passes the more that seems unlikely. I literally have $11 to my name with no access to my bank account. I’m over it

To top off the week from Hell; Roo was up all last night coughing. She’s sick and I had to send her to school today because I had to come to work and Hubby is out of town. I feel guilty but school hasn’t called me so she must be hanging in there. Tonight I have a fund raising event for the 2010 Polar Plunge so I will have to bring her with me to that. Help me out (it's tax deductable)
Pray for my sanity…I need it

P.S. - don't stalk me now that you know where I live

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I hate people that steal

Warning: This post is rated R. If you have small children please turn them away from the screen.
Now that the disclaimer is out of the way…I am fucking pissed. I got up today like any other day; got me and Roo ready and I can’t find my purse…

OK – no big deal I must have left it in my car. See I went to they gym last night and had my hands full and was on the phone when I got home. I get out to my car to find my purse dumped in my front seat! My wallet, work Blackberry and BRAND NEW GPS my mom just bought me for my birthday are GONE! WTF????
I know that I am partially to blame for this because I was the dumb ass who left her purse in an unlocked car but fucking seriously? I live in a pretty nice neighborhood and never lock my car if I’m at home. It’s in MY driveway for Gosh sake!
After the cursing stopped (which Roo promptly reminded me where bad words that ladies don’t say) I brought her to school so I could figure out that the hell I was going to do.

I called work and told them what happen and explained that I wouldn’t be in. I also had them lock down my Blackberry so the douche bags that had it couldn’t use it.

Then I called the local police department and they told me to go home and wait for an officer to come to my house.
I went home. I waited. I made a list of all the items took. I checked my bank account….FUCK – they used my debit card. I called the bank. Blah blah blah

The cops show up I had him a list of what time I got home, what time I noticed everything missing and exactly what was took with estimated values. I pulled up my account and showed him the charges. He calls another office who takes my statement and he dusted my car for prints. Long story short – wait to hear from a detective. But if they do catch who took my stuff they can be prosecuted for fraud and grand larceny. Would I be willing to press charges? DAMN RIGHT I WOULD!
Then I start freaking out because I have no drivers license. And my license is issued from Alaska. I can’t exactly get back there to get a new one issued! Then it hits me…my social security card is in the wallet. At this point I want to punch someone in the face.
Hubby is out of town. I’m here by my self and I feel violated. Hubby called the base and they sent his supervisor over to check on me which helped. He calmed me down and told me the same thing had happen to him a while back; they got was his CD player and an amp.
I gather everything up to take to the social security office so they can issue me a new card and put an alert on mine. As I head out to my car my neighbor comes running up my drive way…she found my wallet in her recycle bin! Oh I hugged her I was soooo happy. Everything was there except for my debit and credit cards (which have all been reported stolen) I am so grateful that she returned my stuff and I told her everything that happened and to watch out. I plan to go around and talk to the rest of my neighbors when people start getting home from work today.

So they got my $200+ GPS and car adaptor, my $400 Blackberry and whatever they spent out of my checking account (the pending charges haven’t cleared so I don’t have the exact number). The purse they dumped was a Coach purse so I am shocked they didn’t take that! Please don’t leave me a comment about how it’s my own fault for leaving my purse in my car unlocked – I get it. I was stupid. BUT that doesn’t give anyone to right to come on to my property and steal things that don’t belong to them.

I really hope the cops find who did this and they go to jail. Chances are they won’t but what goes around comes around.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

There was nothing to exciting going on this weekend (which was just fine with me!)

Friday night they had Parent’s Night Out at Roo’s preschool. They have this once a month on Friday night. You pay an extra 20 bucks but the kids get to stay till 10pm and have pizza, movies, art and crafts. Roo loves it but I’ve never left her till 10pm. Anyway with hubby still being out of town I took advantage of Parents Night Out and went out on a ‘date’; Miah to me to dinner and a movie. He wanted to go see New Moon so we did. It wasn’t that good but it was better than Twilight. The book was way better.

After the movie we went to get Roo and she was all excited that Miah was with me and he was teasing her that he took her mom out on a date. Roo says “So are you two dating?” it was hilarious and we all got a good laugh. I explained to Roo that he was joking with her and Miah and I are just friends. AND seriously he is a great friend of Hubby’s and babysits Roo, walks my dogs and house sits for me when I’m out of town. He’s like an adopted member of our family and spends all the holidays with us at our house. (Nothing like getting the cheating rumors stared on a Monday!) HAHAHAHA

Saturday morning Roo has swim lessons and then we headed home to take a shower. We didn’t do much but Saturday evening I took her to see The Tooth Fairy. I thought is kind of sucked but she liked it and that’s all that matters. After the movie we headed to Target to get some scar reducing stuff for Roo’s face. OH – wait; I don’t think I’ve told ya’ll about that. Let’s see it was the week before Christmas? She fell at school and busted her face open. We had to take her to the ER and they glued the cut shut. They didn’t want to stitch it because it is right on her forehead and the doc didn’t want it to scar anymore than it already will. So that was a bit traumatic for all of us. Fast forward about a week and a half; the cut starts turning this yucky color. We watch it for a few days and it seems to be getting worse. I bring her back to the ER and sure enough the thing is infected. The doc had to rip the glue off of Roo’s face which really hurt. But they didn’t glue it back up they put a breathable bandage over it so it would get air and heal. The doctor explained to me to leave the bandage on as long as possible and let it fall off on its own. He also recommended that when it comes off the get the scar reducer stuff and put is on 3+ times a day for 3 months. He also said that she should have high SPF sunscreen and hats on whenever possible once it gets sunny out. All of this will help reduce the scaring.

Here are some photos:
This is what she looked like when I got to her @ school

Here is after they glued it shut and it started looking 'funny'

After they tore the glue off - the infection came right off with it!

The new bandage

Well the bandage made it’s was off late last week. Luckily it’s all healed up but the scar is pretty deep and bad. I’m going to follow the doctor’s advice and hopefully over time it will fade or grow up into her hairline…I don't have any photos of her with the bandage off yet but when I get one I'll post it.

Sunday was church in the morning and they we headed over to the Children’s Hospital Thrift Store to drop off all the old toys and clothes we got rid of after Christmas. The rest of the day was spent hanging at home! Roo cleaned up her playroom all by herself and earned a dollar. She is saving all her money for our Disney trip in May.

Today it’s like a hurricane out and back to work! Yay - :'(

Friday, January 22, 2010


Yeah so pretty much suck at Blogging lately. It’s been so long since my last ‘real’ blog that I’m ashamed.
Oh well – so things are crazy here but what else is new? Christmas was wonderful expect my mom didn’t get her present until the Monday after Christmas which really pissed me off. Roo got way to much stuff and is totally spoiled. We had to go through her play room and purge some junk to fit all her new crap and it’s still so cluttered. I’m planning on rearranging it someday when I have time.
New Years was good. We had about 15 peps over to the house, stayed home, played games and drank lots of wine. Just after New Years hubby left for Alabama. He’s still there and won’t be home till mid February. He missed our 7 year anniversary (which was Monday) but sent me these beautiful flowers.

A friend that I grew up with and now lives in D.C came down to see me this past weekend so that was nice but it made me realize that I’m a pretty lucky girl. Roo is fairly well behaved and never gives anyone but me and her dad much of a problem. My friends little girl is six and she is VERY strong minded.
I signed Roo up for swim classes and tomorrow will be our 3rd week. She’s doing great and I’m hoping that she’ll be swimming this summer. Other than that it’s work, home, dogs, chores, sleep and more work! It’s been very cold here and I can’t wait for it to warm up a bit.

I’m also signed up to do the 2010 Polar Plunge on February 6th at Virginia Beach. All the money that’s raised goes to the Special Olympics. Check out my fundraising page at and if you can please donate. NO amount is too small.

Till next time…