Thursday, March 18, 2010

What are we feeding our kids?

I found a new blog today and you guys have to go check her out, especially if you have kids in school. Roo is getting ready to start school in September and I am so glad I found this blog before then.

Ok so here is the scoop. Mrs Q is an anonymous school teacher in the mid-west. She has concerns about what her students are eating for lunch. She has been eating lunch in the cafeteria at the school for 2010. Her posts even include photos of the lunches that are being served and I’ll tell you one thing – I don’t want my Roo eating ½ that junk. Granted Roo is slim and could stand to gain a few pounds but she needs to be consuming nutritious foods. I am strict on what she eats and drinks but not so much that she is not allowed to be a kid. She is only allowed to drink water, milk or 100% juice. Roo has never even tried soda. Not even Sprite. The kid won’t even drink chocolate milk!
She is somewhat of a picky eater and at Preschool they tell me if she doesn’t like what is being served she won’t eat.

If you have a few minutes go check out Mrs. Q’s blog and let me know what you think…Also, this is how I found the blog.
I see a lot of home packed lunch in my future!

And we are still doing the biggest loser challenge at work. I’m down 7.2lbs total!

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