Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend wrap up

Last week I introduced a chore chart to Roo. I came home from work with it and made a huge deal out of it. I got smiley face stickers and every time she completes a chore she gets a sticker. If she does well at the end of the week she gets a $5 allowance. Everyone has told me this is too much for a 4 year old but I think it’s fair for what she has to do…

Thursday Roo came home with a cold from school. That night it got progressively worse and I had to stay home with her on Friday. Roo and the Hubs are both sick and I swear if I get sick I’m going to be pissed! Friday night Hubby took me to the movies and we saw Shutter Island. Hated it. But I don’t like most movies. Saturday we went out for Sushi and then to the mall where I got a new Coach purse. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Sunday was church and Roo got her allowance. I was very proud because she gave $1 to the church. Then we went to see Green Girls new house. She is a first time home buyer and it’s very cute. After the visit we hit up Wal-Mart and Roo bought herself a pink toothbrush holder and her brothers (wiener and pug face) dog treats with her OWN money. The rest of the money went into her piggy bank. We had a late lunch at P.F. Changs and then headed home where I went on a cleaning spree because I got a new Sharp steam cleaner mop.

Today we started The Biggest Loser at work (hence why I ate like a pig this weekend)
There is only one other girl doing it that weight more than me and it’s only by 1lbs! I need to seriously loose some weight before our Disney trip in May.
I’ve eaten well all day and I’m heading to the gym tonight. My goal is -3lbs this week.
I think that’s a realistic goal…

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