Monday, February 22, 2010

kids say the darndest things

I went and checked out some of my favorite blogs today and all I have to say is…At least I’m not the only slacker around. Hubby got home late last week so Roo wants nothing to do with me! Here are a few smart ass comments she made to me over the past few days.

I was on the computer chatting with my sis and I asked her to turn on the light. She dramatically stomps over to the light switch and says:

“AHHH why do I have to do EVERYTHING in this house?!”

Ummm ok – you’re 4! You’re responsibilities are to keep you playroom and bedroom somewhat clean (I’m happy if you can see the floor) and pick up the crap you leave around MY house. I responded by telling her that she has to do it because I asked her very nicely. That’s when I got this gem

“I’m not your maid you know” as she stomps off.

Yeah it was kind of funny. What can I say, she’s a small version of me.

The next day we’re all going to play outside, Roo and hubby are walking out the door and I yell “wait for me” to which she replies that she doesn’t want me to come out and play only her DAD. My feelings where a little hurt and Hubby told her she was being mean and then “Ok, Ok, fine you can come.”

This morning I woke her up to get her dressed for school and she’s all like NO I want my daddy. Well Daddy’s at work already. Her response…

(SIGH) “It’s like he didn’t ever come HOME!”

Yeah kid, tell me about it

It's 50 out today and it hasn't snowed all week. Maybe spring is coming?

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calicobebop said...

Amen to 50 and spring coming!! It's about damn TIME!

I love the little sassy quotes - they're so precious! I'm assuming that in about ten years I won't think so, but I'm enjoying them now. :)