Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nobody loves me; everybody hate me...

My favorite part of tax season is the people dressed up in those Statue of Liberty outfits dancing on the corners. They are hilarious and I hope they pay them well! Other than that we pretty much get raped in taxes and I’m hoping to break even this year. It sucks when I hear other people that don’t work get a shit load of money back. I must be doing something wrong. Last year I asked the guy why we have to pay so much and he actually told me that we make to much money…yeah well MAYBE I would if the IRS would stop taking it!
Oh and an update on my car break in. I get a voicemail on my phone from a private investigator my bank has. He has a cop that is trying to get a hold of me. He leaves me the officers number and I call him back…let me explain one thing real quick…I live in Hampton – I work in Newport News. They are two different cities but are right next to each other. SO the cop tells me that he caught someone using my card but had to let him go because he didn’t have a statement from me and was unable to contact me! WTF DUDE? I told him the story and that I had filed a police report in Hampton. He tells me well I’m a Newport News officer (the station he works at is 1000ft from my office and my company owns the building they’re in) he then tells me they caught the guy across the street from my work. What are the chances of that? He says he’s going to come and see me to get a sworn statement that I didn’t allow him to use my card. The card came back stolen that should be enough indication I didn’t allow him to use the card! This was Tuesday…I’m still waiting for him to come see me.

SO yesterday I call the Hampton PD to let them know what is going on and they tell me there is nothing they can do. Newport News isn’t their jurisdiction… GRRRRR

I’m pretty much getting the run around. He got $140.37 out of my checking account and my $600+ in belongings but oh well. I’m pretty pissed and I’m going to end up called over to Newport News PD and just trying to file a separate fraud report for him using my card. I don’t know what else to do? Any ideas? I was hoping when they said they caught him I’d be able to get my stuff back but the more time passes the more that seems unlikely. I literally have $11 to my name with no access to my bank account. I’m over it

To top off the week from Hell; Roo was up all last night coughing. She’s sick and I had to send her to school today because I had to come to work and Hubby is out of town. I feel guilty but school hasn’t called me so she must be hanging in there. Tonight I have a fund raising event for the 2010 Polar Plunge so I will have to bring her with me to that. Help me out (it's tax deductable)
Pray for my sanity…I need it

P.S. - don't stalk me now that you know where I live

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calicobebop said...

Poor little Roo - my Muffin has had to go to school under the weather for the same reason. Nobody can stay home with her!!

I know Hampton/Newport News - I can't believe those douche bags are passing the buck! Why the hell do we pay the taxes? I'm outraged - seriously! All the seven cities ought to be able to interchange!