Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

There was nothing to exciting going on this weekend (which was just fine with me!)

Friday night they had Parent’s Night Out at Roo’s preschool. They have this once a month on Friday night. You pay an extra 20 bucks but the kids get to stay till 10pm and have pizza, movies, art and crafts. Roo loves it but I’ve never left her till 10pm. Anyway with hubby still being out of town I took advantage of Parents Night Out and went out on a ‘date’; Miah to me to dinner and a movie. He wanted to go see New Moon so we did. It wasn’t that good but it was better than Twilight. The book was way better.

After the movie we went to get Roo and she was all excited that Miah was with me and he was teasing her that he took her mom out on a date. Roo says “So are you two dating?” it was hilarious and we all got a good laugh. I explained to Roo that he was joking with her and Miah and I are just friends. AND seriously he is a great friend of Hubby’s and babysits Roo, walks my dogs and house sits for me when I’m out of town. He’s like an adopted member of our family and spends all the holidays with us at our house. (Nothing like getting the cheating rumors stared on a Monday!) HAHAHAHA

Saturday morning Roo has swim lessons and then we headed home to take a shower. We didn’t do much but Saturday evening I took her to see The Tooth Fairy. I thought is kind of sucked but she liked it and that’s all that matters. After the movie we headed to Target to get some scar reducing stuff for Roo’s face. OH – wait; I don’t think I’ve told ya’ll about that. Let’s see it was the week before Christmas? She fell at school and busted her face open. We had to take her to the ER and they glued the cut shut. They didn’t want to stitch it because it is right on her forehead and the doc didn’t want it to scar anymore than it already will. So that was a bit traumatic for all of us. Fast forward about a week and a half; the cut starts turning this yucky color. We watch it for a few days and it seems to be getting worse. I bring her back to the ER and sure enough the thing is infected. The doc had to rip the glue off of Roo’s face which really hurt. But they didn’t glue it back up they put a breathable bandage over it so it would get air and heal. The doctor explained to me to leave the bandage on as long as possible and let it fall off on its own. He also recommended that when it comes off the get the scar reducer stuff and put is on 3+ times a day for 3 months. He also said that she should have high SPF sunscreen and hats on whenever possible once it gets sunny out. All of this will help reduce the scaring.

Here are some photos:
This is what she looked like when I got to her @ school

Here is after they glued it shut and it started looking 'funny'

After they tore the glue off - the infection came right off with it!

The new bandage

Well the bandage made it’s was off late last week. Luckily it’s all healed up but the scar is pretty deep and bad. I’m going to follow the doctor’s advice and hopefully over time it will fade or grow up into her hairline…I don't have any photos of her with the bandage off yet but when I get one I'll post it.

Sunday was church in the morning and they we headed over to the Children’s Hospital Thrift Store to drop off all the old toys and clothes we got rid of after Christmas. The rest of the day was spent hanging at home! Roo cleaned up her playroom all by herself and earned a dollar. She is saving all her money for our Disney trip in May.

Today it’s like a hurricane out and back to work! Yay - :'(


Heidi Renée said...

Oh my gosh, even her sad face is adorable, poor little thing! There's always bangs until the scar fades.

calicobebop said...

Poor little thing! She looks so sad in that first picure (can't imagine why!) And yes - bangs are cute too!