Monday, April 6, 2009

Girls Night Out

Roo is still having problems with her Asthma and breathing treatments every 3 hours last night makes me a grumpy mommy. AND I feel like asthma, steroids and breathing treatments is all I've talked about lately.

Friday night I talked (coned) a few girls to go out for a bit because I was at the end of my rope and needed to de-stress. One of the girls (AJ) just moved into a new place and has been asking me to come over and check it out. She used to live not far from me and was my gym buddy but she moved to the "other side of the water" and is trying to sucker me into moving out there. With Roo being sick and work I haven't had a chance...sooooo I called and asked her if we could stop by and then we'll go for drinks. I call Hubby; work it all out with him and ta-da we're off.

When AJ asked what time; I told her 8:00pm. Well I meant that's what time I was leaving my house. I probably should have made that clear...
A shows up at my house just after 8:00pm - we head over to pick up L. A has never been to L's house so we have to do the tour and meet the hubby; blah blah blah; you get the point.
I get directions to A's house and we're on our way. I got sooo lost, like 3 times on the way there. It took us over an hour to find her house! But we made it. After another tour we decide to hit up a bar to get a beer and some food.

We get to the bar and there is a band playing (a guy and a girl with guitars and microphones). We sit in the back room and wait....and wait....two waitress walk by. Nothing. A got up and asked a server for some menu's. Not to long after the server comes to take our drink orders. L asked "what do you have on tap" the waitress rattles off the list and L selects a Miller Lite (gross I know but she likes it). I order a Blue Moon, AJ and A order mixed drinks. A asks for lime in hers...I ask her to bring everyone a water with their beers/drinks. She comes back. My beer is right, L gets a Miller Lite in a bottle, AJ has no lime and A's drink is the size of a large shot. No water. Needless to say the service left a lot to be desired. But the food was great. After eating we went back out to the main bar and found a booth.

I started drinking water because I had to drink us the hour back home. So maybe it's that I was sober or that I am getting old but it was so smokey in that bar my eyes where on fire. I am not one of those non-smokers who complain all the time about everyone smoking. I smoked for almost 10 years but this place was smokey! and that band - to loud. I think I could have taken her microphone away and the volume would have been perfect. A is tossing the drinks back and doing some shots, my head is killing from that girl attempting to sing and my eyes are burning. I can't hear what anyone is saying and I'm ready to go home. About 1am I tell the girls I've had enough. Pack it up - We're going home! After dropping everyone else off I went home, got in the shower and washed my hair 3x to get the stink out.

I was the sober one so there are not even any inappropriate pictures from the evening that I can post - Next time I'm not driving; I enjoy my nights out my more when I'm the one sucking drinks down and buying the next round of shots!

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