Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wedding Update

My mom got her wedding dress in the mail yesterday and loves it! whew; that's a relief. I was having horrible images of it being some nasty mesh material. She'd open the box and hate it then we'd be right back at the begining. But she loves it and said it's even more beautiful than the picture!

So I make her put me on speaker and try it on while I'm on the phone with her. It fits her great except she can't get it zipped all the way up! SHIT

I told her she better get her ass to the gym 4+ days a week and try that bitch on every week. I emailed the company I ordered the dress from asking if it was possible to exchange it for the next size up; so we'll see what they say. I am just glad that I requested the order by April 15th giving us enough time to figure it out.

I found this dress for me; I'm pretty sure this is the one I'm going to get but I have to to go to Macy's and see if they have it in stock to try it on.

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