Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend recap and school stuff

Friday after work I met Hubby and Roo out for dinner. After dinner Hubby went to go play with this friends and Roo and I headed to get her a fish. She picked out a pretty purple and pink beta fish and her name is Alice. First we where going to get a boy gold fish named Timmy but when she saw Alice she decided that she NEEDED a girl fish. We picked the name and then it was Alex for a couple minutes but before going to bed Friday night her name was Alice yet again.
Roo has her setup in her room in a cute little tank (that already needs cleaning). She’s a proud little mommy to her fish and feeds her every morning.

Saturday Roo and I hung out around the house and Saturday night Hubby and I went out to a comedy club to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was a good time but I stayed out to late and so I was tired on Sunday.

On to school news; I applied last week and promptly got an email stating that I f-ed up the in state tuition part and that they needed a copy of Hubbys military orders, a local utility bill with my name on it, a copy of my dependent ID card and this other form. I got all this crap together this weekend and emailed it over to the school, hopefully that will be all I have to do and I will get approved for instate tuition. I would really hate to have to change my driver’s license to Virginia (I like have my Alaska driver’s license…people look at me funny when I have to show it)
After I get approved I have to figure out a schedule and enroll in classes, then the VA will process my G.I. Bill. I have over 4 months till I’m due to start but I just want to get all my ducks in a row. I haven’t mentioned to my boss that I plan on going back to school. I want to be sure I get in and everything’s all set before I cross that bridge.

Monday is Hubby’s birthday and we’ll be spending most of the weekend in Virginia Beach at the American Music Festival. Boyz 2 Men are playing Friday night and I am way to excited about that. Heart and Black Crows will also be there. There are a ton of bands but those are the big names. So I’m sure I’ll have much more to talk about next week.

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