Friday, September 4, 2009

Her new haircut

Looking back I guess that the haircutting incident wasn't 'that' bad. She only snipped one piece of hair and she didn't cut it to her all and all it could have been much worse.

I took her last night to get her hair fixed and this is the final product:

I have to be honest. I don't love it and I'm kinda pissed that I can't just pull her hair back and be done with it. See Roo has crazy hair like her mama and cow licks, bangs don't really work well for me. I have to wet and blow dry her bangs now before leaving the house. It's not only the extra work but I just love her hair before.
Hubby has been trying to talk me into cutting her hair up to her shoulder for a while now but Roo and I are against any talk of this. See she likes her hair to be long (like Ariel's) Roo doesn't even look like Roo anymore. I know she's still cute and beautiful and perfect but I'm having a hard time with his. I shouldn't have done it - I should have just left if alone and let what she cut grow out...

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