Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kids...why did I ever want kids...

Disclaimer: I am usually a very good mom. I'm fairly patient, we do fun things all the time, she has her own room, her own playroom, her own fish. You get the point.

One thing I never did with Roo was put up her arts and crafts. She's had play dough, crayons, markers - everything available to her when she wanted it. Roo knows the rules and knows that if she breaks them I will throw all her arts and crafts supplies in the trash. Needless to say I do not have craft mishaps in my house.
After our trip to Alaska where Grandma gave Roo her fist pair of scissors she has been obsessed with cutting paper. Roo know the rules - you only cut paper and only at the table. No walking/running with the scissors and put them back when you're done. She's had them for a couple months now and the other night she was cutting some pink felt that I got for her. Apparently she was having trouble cutting the felt and thought that cutting her hair would be a good idea!
NOW - my little Roo has beautiful long brown curly hair that is just has unruly as her moms so I didn't know about the hair cutting. We go to bed and get up the next morning. I'm looking at her hair and I'm thinking WTF? Why does she have bangs. I grab her and sure as shit her hair is cut.
I just about lost my mind. I asked her if she cut her hair and she lies and says no. Well now I'm really pissed. Finally she admits that she cut it but won't really talk about it. She goes to school after I hide it the best I can and when I pick her up I get the whole story out of her. I was mad that she lied and made her go home and tell Hubby the truth about the hair cutting. She was not happy about this and said she was too scared to tell. But she did as she was told.
Punishment: NO scissors, no arts and crafts and the possibility of no Bush Garden's this weekend.

When I told Hubby, Sis and Mom about this happening they all laughed at me. I don't think it's funny. Not one bit. I'm going to take her in tonight to see if the stylist and help blend it. She cut about an inch thick and two inches long...

I may possibly post pics if and when I ever get over my anger.

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The Red Headed Mama said...

I think it's some sort of weird right of passage. All of my cousins have cut their hair at some point and my SIX YEAR OLD BOY cut his hair last year. A nice (not so) little V right in the middle of his forehead. I thought I was so clever and made him wear it to school...he was actually disappointed when I took him to get it fixed *rolls eyes*

Definitely post pics!