Friday, August 28, 2009

I did it

So I did it, Wednesday I applied for school. It cost 50 bucks just to apply; that shit better be approved! If all goes well I will hopefully be started classes on January 9th - what a great way to start the New Year. I have to admit I'm a little scared though. I haven't been in college since 2002 and even that was just a class at the community college...this is a university and I'm considering going full time.
I have been on my own since I was 17 and have never not worked. Even when I got out of the Air Force; I had a job before I separated. When we moved from AK to VA I didn't work for two months, one of which was spent driving across the US and visiting family. Once we got here and moved into our house I was working.
I know that we can afford for me not to work while I go to school full time because I have my G.I. Bill but that means no vacations, little eating out and my shopping habits will definitely have to change (I better go get myself a few new Coach bags to hold me over) It will be worth it in the long run...right?

In other news; still looking for a good book to read. AND someone came across by blog by googling 'no bra' that kind of made my day! It was on the vacation recap part 2 with the white bra and black dress disaster.

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calicobebop said...

Congrats on signing up for school!! I know you'll do great!