Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend recap

Friday Green girl came to my office and said a few of my favorite words...
"Lets go to the winery after work for an hour."
She didn't get an argument out of me. I called hubby and told him to bring Roo to me around 6 (he goes out on Friday nights). And off we went.

We did a wine tasting and had some delicious crab dip with these home made tortillas. They where so good. I bought three bottles of wine and when Roo came all the girls talked to her and she had a great time. I went to the bathroom and Roo sat with Green girl. When I came out Roo was tell Green girl all about her 1st field trip she had gone on the day before. One of the waitresses came over and was saying how cute Roo is and looked right at Green girl and said
"Your daughter talks so clearly"

Green girl had the most horrified look on her face and said "take your kid"
It was very funny; the girl apologized and explained that Roo and Green girl both have brown hair and brown eyes. Roo quickly corrected her but tell her that she has dark brown hair.

I got Roo home and fed her dinner. We did some arts and crafts, watched some TV and I put her to bed. I didn't even go back downstairs after; I headed to bed myself.
Because I was in bed by 8:45pm the night before I was well rested when Roo woke me up at 7am on Saturday. We got up and had breakfast and I cleaned the downstairs, did more arts and crafts with Roo and packed the cooler. We finally got hubby out of bed close to 11am and we headed to the pool. We spent the entire day at the pool/beach and had a wonderful time. I got a sunburn of course while my daughter has the perfect tan. We both had sunscreen on and reapplied through out the day but I must have missed my chest and neck because they got it pretty bad.

We where all beat after the pool so we hit the showers and ordered pizza. Hubby rented Push. It kinda sucked. I went to bed.

Sunday I did not a damn thing. I slept in, watched TV, finished my book and then started on the 2nd season of Grey's Anatomy. Green girl is obsessed with this show and wants me to watch all the seasons to get caught up. I don't think I'll make it through them all before the new season starts but I do have to say; It's a pretty good show.

So that's all folks.

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calicobebop said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend! Always nice to do arts & crafts, drink wine and sleep in.