Wednesday, August 5, 2009


There is not much going on this week. Work and I went to body pump on Monday. I did a crap load (100+) squats so I'm sore as hell now. Once I get back into going regularly it won't hurt as bad but I'm dying now. Going to try to do some cardio tonight.

I called hubby a few minutes ago to work out some plans about the Dave Matthews Band concert this Friday. I told him that I wasn't going to go because I've been him a few times already and lawn tickets are over 50 bucks. He asked what I was going to do while him and the guys went to the show and I told him that Roo and I where going to go to the pool Friday night.

H - "Well; I'm going to get you some 50SPF sunscreen"
M - "OK, why? How 'bout 30?"
H - "Because you are extremely caucasian and I worry about you being in the sun"


M - "Did you just call me caucasian?"
H - "Well you are!"

We went to the pool on Saturday and I got a bit of a sunburn while using 15SPF sunscreen. Yes I am very irish and tend to burn. Just because hubby is 1/2 Colombian and 1/2 Ecuadorian he doesn't have to rub it in. Oh yeah and Roo has a awesome tan, guess she's not extremely caucasian like her Mama

I got screwed.

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calicobebop said...

"extremely caucasian?" Now, that's priceless. I'm in the same boat, btw. Scotch-German. My baby's daddy has some American Indian in him that I'm hoping will save our daughter! :)

Hey - at least he was looking out for you! 50SPF = Love!