Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hanging out

It is hard to believe it's been so long since I posted. I really have no excuse besides being out of town at King's Dominion a couple weekends ago I haven't been up to much.
I guess I'm kind of in a funk right now. I just feel blah. I want to go back to school, I want to move, I want to loose now I have to set my mind to get these things done and not sit around thinking about what I need to do

So in order to get out of my little funk I have gone back on Weight Watchers and started working out again. The past few days I've been doing very well but I did cheat a little big last night.
I've worked out both days this week and plan to do so again tonight.

Next step is trying to get someone from the school to help with my GI Bill stuff. I've called the counselor on base but that's been no help so I'm going over there this week to find out what I need to do to get registered for the next semester.

So here's to making changes. By the way; I need a good book to read. Any suggestions?

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calicobebop said...

Good for you!! I used my GI Bill and it wasn't too hard - once you get signed up for it.

Wish I could suggest a good book, but I just finished the Harry Potter series and that's a re-run. :)