Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vacation recap pt. 1

I’m not dead, call of the search and rescue teams…I’m here! It’s hard to believe it’s been over a month since I posted. There have been times when I’ve gone way longer than that; but when I started blogging again I told myself that I would post a least once a week. Guess that is not working out so much. I have all the usual excuses: work, kids, family, dogs – you get it!

I really have been busy though. My family headed to Alaska for my moms wedding. We left on June 17th and returned June 30th. It was a long trip but when you are traveling that far you have to take as much time as you can.
When we arrived in Alaska it was cold and rainy. I didn’t see the sun for 5+ days. We went to Seward and went camping on Father’s Day weekend. It rained on us the entire time! Hubby doesn’t really do the outdoorsy camping stuff; growing up in NYC and South Florida he never really had the opportunity. I on the other hand grew up at camp but camping in the rain sucks so we threw everything in the back of the truck, took Roo to the Sea life center (where she acted up and didn’t listen at all) then headed home. I was so tired because I had gone out the night before and then drank all day with mom and got kicked off the air mattress by Roo…I had a back ache and needed a bed!

The rest of that week we took it pretty easy. We went to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and saw all the animals, I took Roo on her first hike at Thunderbird Falls and she made me run it on the way back. Where she gets the energy; I don’t know but I need some. I went out a few times but nothing to major, except for the Tuesday night that I drank 6 long island ice teas and didn’t leave the house the next day. Of course this was the day the sun came out…thankfully Hubby took Roo to the park and to her old pre-school that day.

From then on it was wedding stuff. Thursday was spent running around getting our nails done and picking up last minute things. I also had to steam moms dress and pack everything up for the hotel. Friday I got us checked into the hotel at noon and had to get moms BFF and have the cake delivered to our room. Then I had to run around and get everything else together. My BFF got stuck at work and wasn’t there to help me as I had planned. I got mom, Roo and Kathy ready and the limo showed up! I wasn’t even dressed yet…

I’ll write more about the wedding day tomorrow. I will be at work while everyone else has the day off (I’m not complaining…well maybe a little) And I’m sorry to everyone I didn’t get a chance to see on my trip. I hope you all understand.

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