Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The End

OK so I really need to finish up the wedding story but I've been a bit busy with a sick Roo and Green girls 30th birthday.

After I make it into the limo I have to ask the driver to take me to mom's car so it doesn't get towed. I know at this point the driver has to think I am the stupidest b*tch in the world. But at this point I don't give a shit what he thinks. I've been running my fat ass off all day and I'm tired, crabby, wearing a white bra (with my black dress because I forgot my black bra), and I haven't eaten ALL day. I'm all smiles because at my wedding no one helped me and it was terrible. I don't want my mom to remember her day that way...but I digress

Now, cars moved and we are heading to the ceremony. I need (more) beer. I ask; very nicely if we can stop for beer and the nice driver says no problem. All of us girls are in the limo taking photos and laughing.

We stop at the store; I look outside...You've got to be f-ing with me! I am in the HOOD. Shit so here I am in a huge ass limo with a nice dress on and this guys stops in the worst part of town so I can run in the store (with everyone staring at me) to get beer. Yeah; he hates me.
Either way. I need a Corona. Bad.

Store, beer, good. I come out and Aurora is gone. Now I'm not a very pat person to begin with so at this point I'm pretty much going to loose it. But mom says "you'll never believe it"
NOW what? "you forgot the flowers in the suite" Nah ha...there right... CRAP! Roo says "mom, I have to pee" Out of the limo we go. And just because the universe loves me that much the MFers at the store wouldn't let my 3yr old use the bathroom! Roo is almost crying and I'm trying to explain to her that we'll go to another store but she doesn't get it. She has to go now.
Aurora is back in the limo with as many roses as she could find at the grocery store making bouquets! Yes this is really happening. We get back on the road and it is dead stop traffic (well duh; it's 5pm on a Friday). I get Roo to the next store, we all go pee and take a smoke break. I don't even smoke and I'm sure we all looked very classy standing in a Chevron parking lot in bridal wear smoking cigs and making wedding bouquets out of grocery store roses. If I wasn't laughing I would have been crying. But I had my Corona and we where once again on the way.

This is about the time I get the WTF call from Hubby "Ummm; where are you girls?"
Me: "where stuck in traffic, haven't left Anchorage yet"
They took the news rather well and we made it drove right pass them to the outhouses. We all had to pee again from the beer drinking in the limo...and what a better time to take pictures!
LOL yes, I'm not making this shit up. The guys walk up to wear we are because they're confused; I tell them to get lost and we'll be down shortly.

Here we go. It's wedding time. Aurora is walking down to the creek with Roo and she starts freaking out because the wind is blowing away her flowers. Next thing is total break down mode. Luckily; Aurora has been with Roo since she was born so she just picked her up and moved it along. I had the honor of walking my mom down the 'isle' and it was so windy, Roo was crying and they got married!

It was a crazy day but it's over and it was great. The rest went off without a problem and we all had a great time. We where suppose to go out after dinner but didn't make it. We all hung in the suite drinking and dancing. It was perfect.

Congrat's Mike and Mom! I love you both.
Sorry about the flowers Big Sis. I know you put a lot of work into them; they where beautiful and we did take a lot of photos with them after the ceremony.

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