Monday, July 6, 2009

Vacation Recap 2

So it's the BIG day. I'm trying to get my mom and her BFF and my Roo ready. The limo driver Anthony calls and I'm not even dressed, Aurora is dressed but not finished with make up.
I tell mom, Kathy and Roo to go and have a ride in the limo and I'll get really faster if no one is there. So I speed race with my hair/make up, squeeze into my Spanx (the best things invented) and put my dress on. Now keep in mind I have a black dress...but I didn't bring my black bra, so I try the dress with no bra - yeah NOT going to happen! Shit, shit, shit. So I freak out over this for about 5 mins, mom is blowing up my phone. Aurora leaves to move her car because it's parked at a meter (parking in downtown Anchorage sucks) At this point I don't care.

Now another thing I should have mentioned; when mom and Kathy left the room they took NOTHING. So image me, trying to bring the champagne, beer, purses, cameras and every other damn thing down to the limo where everyone else is waiting. I go out the wrong door of the hotel and have to walk 1/2 block around the building to fine the limo. At this point my feet are already killing me, I'm about to drop a bag with beer in it and I lost Aurora!

Oh and it gets worse...

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