Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have a tendency to go a little over board when it comes to birthdays...ok, a lot overboard (don't judge me). Growing up birthdays where always a big deal. We didn't have much but every year on your birthday our family would get together and go out to eat at whatever restaurant you wanted. It was always a ton of fun because my family is crazy, loud and most of them drink. I remember for my 16th birthday we went to TGI Friday's. I was late because of cheerleading practice so by the time I got here my mom and Grampy where half drunk. We all had a wonderful time. The servers tied 16 balloons to me - we laughed so hard we cried.

I remember the first year John and I where together for my birthday; I woke up that morning all excited because I had taken him to Maine for his birthday and I knew he had to have something planned. He didn't. I called my mom and cried. It was MY birthday - didn't that mean anything to him? He learned his lesson. When I turned 21 hubby flew my mother and sister in town, got us rooms at the Marriott and we partied our butts off. Then he held our hair when we all puked. Great times!

Hubby is spoiled. When he turned 30 I took him to Key West. We only stayed a night because Roo was about 7 weeks old and I couldn't wait to get back to her. We left her with John's mom but it was the first time I had left her overnight. On his 31st birthday I planned a weekend getaway to Denali National Park. I got a lottery ticket that allowed us to drive through the park in our Durango. This is a pretty big deal. There is an annual road lottery each fall. In September, the park service allows 400 cars to drive the length of the park road. We saw so many bears, they walked right by our car. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We left Roo with my mom for the weekend. It was the longest either of us had been away from her and we couldn't wait to get home and see her.

Like I said, I go a bit overboard with birthdays. I do this with my close friends and sister too. Coach bags, expensive makeup, dinners - whatever they want. It is the one day out of the year that is your special princess day :)

Roo just turned 4. I rented a pony, bounce house and face painter to come to our house. I am pretty sure my neighbors think I'm crazy and everyone else just says "She's 4! What are you going to do when she turns 5" I haven't gotten that far but I'll think of something good.

I'm done with birthdays for now; well at least until Labor Day weekend when we have a joint birthday party for Hubby and his best bud @ my house...


calicobebop said...

You are the best. mom. ever!! A pony with a pink mane? My little girl had better not see that picture of I'll never hear the end of it!

Btw, my birthday is Oct. 29! :)

Madame Queen said...

I'm a big birthday person too, though not in the way you are! Man, I wish you were *my* sister!

My mom used to plan the most awesome parties for me when I was kid -- she had to be creative because we didn't have a lot of money, but I can remember them all.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

The Red Headed Mama said...

I love birthdays. LOVE. After 10 years together hubby still doesn't get it. *sigh*!

I'll be she loved the pony!