Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goodtimes and Summertime

It is summer. Summer in VA is hot and sunny (most of the time) Roo goes to pre-school so I can make that money and hubby can sleep (he works nights). Last week Hubby went to go get Roo at pre-school and the kids where playing outside. Roo was red, red enough that when I got home 30+ minutes later her face was still red…she had a sunburn. Hubby is religious about the sunscreen thing and years ago when I use to go to the tanning bed and fry myself in the sun all summer long we use to get into arguments about it. He is Columbian and wears 55+ SPF sunscreen! I’m Irish and wear 15 SPF. Roo was lucky enough to get her Albeulo’s genes cause she tans better than both of us. Hubby was pissed when her face got a little burn. The pre-school ladies don’t like dealing with him (cause he tends to over react when it comes to his baby girl) So he goes and talks to the director of the school about sunscreen and how it’s dangerous for these kids to be outside without sunscreen on. Seems like common sense right? Nope. The director tells hubby that Roo’s doctor must fill out this special form for her to have sunscreen applied at school. She told him that we needed to apply sunscreen to her before school…OK but between breakfast, play time, lunch, nap that sunscreen is going to wear off.

Long story short (well not really) hubby went to Roo’s doc and he wrote a letter to the school stating the Roo needs to have sunscreen applied 30 minutes prior to resess. Come to find out this is common here. All the schools require a doctors note for sunscreen. Is it that way everywhere?
I brought the letter in this morning with Roo’s sunscreen and guess what? They can’t use our sunscreen it has to be their’s….huh?

Me: So let me get this straight; you have sunscreen here for them to use but you won’t put it on them?

Assistant Director: Yes, that’s right. Not without a doctors note

Me (shaking my head): Well that’s logical

AD: And we also need a new note from Roo’s specialist about her asthma and inhaler use.

Me: Why?

AD: Well, her last note is over a year old so we can’t give Roo her required medicine unless a new letter is provided. We require a yearly renewal from the doctor.

Me (getting pissed now): You know that she has to go to Portsmouth to see her specialist for that? We get appointments every 3 months or so. It’s not like I can just call up and they’ll see her that day; plus it’s a 30+ minute drive and I have to take ½ day off from work to bring her.

AD: …

Me: So if Roo requires her inhaler before I can get you the new letter you will not give it to her?

AD: If she was struggling to breathe we would call you

Me: I’d appreciate that

Needless to say; when we get back from our trip to Alaska I will be touring the Christian school I’ve had my eye on. It’s going to cost us more but they’ll start her in Pre-K in September.

On another note, went to Paramore and No Doubt last night. It was awesome! I had so much fun with Megan and the boys (pics to follow) But I’ve been burning the candle at both ends…today is the LONGEST day ever!

Congrat’s to Caitlynn on graduating from Elementary school today!!

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