Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The mission for the perfect dress isn't going to well. First my mom changed my color on me so this threw me all off. Second, I kind of fell off my workout routine and was eating like shit...so I haven't been seeing the same results which is unmotivating and then I get stuck in a crazy cycle.
Third, I have NO time to shop.

I am weird about how I shop. I like to start at a certain point in the store and make my way carefully through it; hitting all the clearance rack along the way. This is the way I like to shop because then I know I saw everything and picked up what I wanted to try on. This also means I usually have a crap load of stuff to try on and I either find everything I love and can't buy it all or I end up hating it all.

So the bottom line is; due to the fact that I have a very specific way of going through a store, I have a hard time taking Roo shopping with me because I usually take a while. There are only a few people that can handle shopping with me (I go grocery shopping the same way).

I have been dress shopping for my maid of honor dress twice but with no luck. I have a dress I could ware but I really want something that I love! I leave for Alaska next Wednesday, I have 8 days (not even) to get my hair cut, highlighted and styled, find a dress, get John's shirt and tie, clean my house, go spray tanning, pack...and on top of this I have to work and go to the gym.

Oh yeah; and I'm going to No Doubt & Paramore! Whoo hoo

I'll post all about the New Kids on the Block concert (I went Friday night with VIP passes) when I get the pics up...

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