Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend recap

I started this blog last week and never got around to finishing it or here it is. Better late than never!

We had hubby sister and her hubby come visit for Memorial Day weekend. I took the advantage of the holiday weekend and took Friday off; giving me a four day weekend! Friday we headed up to Colonial Williamsburg and my family was able to get in free because of Memorial Day and they where offering free weekend passes to all Active Duty, Retired or Veterans. We spent the day walking around and taking a tour of the Governor’s Mansion.

It was a nice day but Roo really wasn't into it; she's still a little to young to be interested on tours through houses where she can't touch anything.

After leaving Colonial Williamsburg we headed to The Williamsburg Winery for a wine tasting. This was my 1st wine tasting and although I enjoyed all but one wine Roo was acting up a bit and had to go potty twice. I did purchase a bottle of the Governor’s White Wine and hubby got a red. Now that we all had a bit of wine in us we stopped at another place; Vintners Cellar of Yorktown. This little restaurant/winery was awesome and the staff was great. I bought a couple more bottles of wine here and headed home.

We had a last minute BBQ at my house but I was kind of crabby by then because Roo was over tired and so was I. It had been a long day and I knew I had to get up and drive to Washington DC the next day.

Saturday we all got up later than I originally wanted but we made it to D.C with very little traffic and where even able to check into our hotel a little early. We headed out to the Zoo and it was so hot that not one animal was outside. It kind of sucked. We walked around that Zoo for hours and saw maybe 3 things! After the Zoo we headed down to the White house and to the Washington Memorial.
And about this time my little Roo is begging me to bring her back to the hotel (where the pool was closed for construction). We stopped for dinner on the way back and I was pretty beat. After giving Roo a bath we both headed to bed.

Sunday it was more walking but when we made our way down to the museums there was a motorcycle rally going on. Let me tell you; it was awesome. Rolling Thunder is a non-profit organization united in the cause to bring full accountability for POWs and MIAs of all wars, reminding the government, the media and the public by the watchwords: “We Will Not Forget.”
It was amazing to see all the bikes and the flags ride by but I have to say; This was one of my favorites:

I was surprised to find my sis-in-law didn't know the meaning behind it either. We had another wonderful day walking around the city, we got caught in a thunderstorm but it was hot so it was kind of nice to have the clouds and ran.

We headed back and again didn't hit much traffic on the way home. Monday we took Roo to a carnival in town and then hung out all day. It was a fun weekend but I must be getting old cause I am still sleepy.

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