Monday, May 18, 2009

3yr olds are funny

Last week my mom calls me up and tells me she wants me to wear a black dress to her wedding instead of a purple dress. Her BFF is having a hard time finding a purple dress; blah blah blah. OK that is fine (I'd wear the black dress again). I go online and find a cute black and white dress and I email it to her. She goes to JC Penny on Saturday and calls me. She saw the dress there and LOVES it. She said it's way prettier in person than online.
Mom approves of the dress but tells me that she is concerned about my "huge knockers" (yeah her words) the conversation goes a little like this

mom: well ya know, the only think I'm worried about are those huge knocker. I'm not shewah (sure) they'ah (they are) going to fit
me: actually I don't have boobs anymore. Since I've been working out they're gone. I'm wearing a C-cup again
mom: oh good...wait really?
At this point Roo walks right over to me and pulls my shirt down
Roo: mom, you still have boobs! They're right there!

My mom and I just about died laughing. Roo didn't get it but then wanted to talk to Grandma. She told her all about how she was going to get boobs and that she needed a pink bra...

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calicobebop said...

OMG! Thank GAWD you still have boobs! :) If it weren't for kids how would we ever know?

I'm sure the dress is AWESOME!