Monday, May 4, 2009

Who has time for sleep?

Who has time for sleep?

On Friday someone at work stopped me in the hall and asked
“How much weight have you lost? You’re wasting away in front of me”
Although it’s nice to have my hard worn noticed I have about 50 more LBS to loose before we need to start worrying about me ‘wasting away’. I smiled nicely and told her that I’ve lost around 13lbs. Another lady we work with was in the hall and she made a comment about how she doesn’t understand how I have time to workout so much. A lot of people tell me this and the only answer I have is that I make it a priority. Here’s a little break down of a normal day for me:

Get up, take a shower, iron my clothes, and get ready
Get Roo up and dressed, brush her teeth and attempt to fix her hair
Feed the dogs
Get Roo a snack and pack my lunch
Walk the dogs
Drop Roo off @ pre-school
Go to work for 8.5+ hours
Pick Roo up (sometimes Hubby does this)
Go home
Get Roo dinner
Change into gym clothes
Mon/Wed/Fri I try to be at the gym by 6 so I can do cardio of 30mins before my body pump class which is an hour long. Some days Roo comes to the gym and plays in the kids zone, other days she stays home with Hubby. Tue I like to do body combat class for an hour and I am thinking about added a cycle class in. Thurs I do Ab Attack class for 30 mins and Cardio Kickboxing for an hour.
When I get home from the gym I eat dinner, give Roo a bath, play and get her to bed.
Clean my house
Read or watch a little TV then

The weekends are not much different…here’s a recap of this past weekend:

Saturday morning I was up by 6:45am and had everyone showered, ready and out the door by 8:15am. We went to the VA zoo for the Walk for Life 2009. After the event we went to lunch and then I headed to find Roo a flower girl dress for my moms wedding (I found a great one at an awesome price) and curtains for my bedroom. When we got home I filled up Roo’s pool in the front yard and let her play. About 9 kids from our block showed up and it was chaos at my house.

Sunday we where at church by 9:00am and after service we have bible study. After leaving church I went over to an Earth Day 2009 event that was sponsoring eCycling of old computer equipment and dropped off a bunch of broken equipment. Hubby took us out to lunch and I was planning to hit the beach but it started down pouring so that was nixed.

I need a haircut, I need to fold my laundry, I need to mail packages to my mom and sister, I need to find a dress for my moms wedding, I need to book plane ticket to Alaska, I need to go to the dentist and the optometrist. Oh yeah and Roo has a dance class for parents to see what the kids have learned at school next week too; wait…I think it’s next week…
Shit - I need to look that up

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