Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New pictures

I have updated my Picasa site with new pics of Danah and of Judy and Concetta Marie

Too much going on lately so I'm sorry if I haven't been in touch.
Thursday my mom turned 45! Me, mom, Mike and Aurora went to Darwin's to celebrate - hey Jude and Lee-Lee membah getting kick out of there?
Friday night Aurora and I decided to hit the bar pretty late. Everyone was up there and it was a good time. Saturday John went to plays cards all day; Danah and I went for a nice long walk and headed over to Mel's bridal shower. I wasn't able to stay long because John and I went out with my mom and Mike for her B-day dinner at Blues Central. The band was great and I can't wait to go back.
Sunday it was over to Keli's to hang out and let the kids play. They had a blast!

I'm back at GCI for the week and there is sooo much work to do here I haven't had a chance to breath. But it's nice to be busy; makes the time go by.

The next few weeks will be crazy...I have Mel's Bachelorette party on Friday night.
Saturday night mom and Mike are taking Danah and I'm not sure what John and I are up to. Maybe we'll hit up Blue Central again!

Next weekend is Ian and Maddy's B-day and Mel and Fred's wedding, then Lisa and Ed's wedding, Aurora's B-day, Gabby and Sydney's B-day, Danah's B-day...I'm booked through July!


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