Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bucket List

I made a bucket list, these are in no order, I just wrote them down as they came to mind...
This is no where near complete but here goes.

Bucket List:

1. Run a marathon

2. Become fluent in Spanish

3. Visit Ireland

4. Take a photography class

5. Finish my degree

6. Learn to play the drums

7. Go sky diving

8. Go scuba diving

9. Visit the Grand Canon

10. See the Northern Lights

11. Visit New York City

12. Vegas Baby!

13. Visit Chicago

14. Travel to all 50 states (I’ve been to 31 so far)

15. Go on a cruise

16. Create a trust fund for Roo

17. Attend a New England Patriots football game

18. Attend a Boston Red Sox baseball game at Fenway Park

19. Lose 50lbs

20. Adopted a needy child

21. Swim in the Pacific Ocean

22. Live in another country

23. Pin on Hubby’s stripes when he makes E9

24. Learn how to drive a motorcycle

25. Attend the Price is Right game show

26. Let go of the past

27. Pay off all my debt

28. Read the entire Bible

29. Be a contestant on The Amazing Race

30. Be the maid of honor at my sisters wedding

31. Own a beach house

1. Drive across the country (did this twice)

2. Mt Rushmore

3. Washington DC

4. Key West

5. Alaska

6. Drove through Denali National Park

7. Niagara Falls

8. Visited Mexico

9. Visited Jamaica and climbed a waterfall

10. Pikes Market in Seattle

11. The Space Needle

12. Been at the start of an Iditarod Dog Race

13. Becoming a mother

14. Gave my mom away at her wedding

15. Deep sea fishing

16. Learn to drive a stick shift

17. Own a home

18. Get a tattoo (I have 7 and want more)

19. Served in the military

20. Quite smoking (2.5 years now)

21. Have my grandfather give me away at my wedding

In my near future:

1. Bringing Roo to Disney World

What are somthings you want to do before you die?

1 comment:

Samsmama said...

Oh, did you go to Dunn's Falls? We didn't do that while we were there and I a little bit regret it.

Great lists!