Monday, November 23, 2009

Things that piss me off

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately but I’m kind of in an I hate the world mood lately. There is nothing that has happen to turn me into a total bitch but yeah I’m pretty pissy. Hubby and Roo went to South Florida for the holiday’s and I’m home alone for the first time EVER! You’d think I’d be happy about that and chill out/relax. Nope, not me. I keep thinking about all the shit I have to do!!! This will be the only holiday I have ever spent away from my daughter…but it’s good for her and dad to spend time together right??
Here are some things that piss me off (in no particular order):
Then you see parents out with their children and they have coats/sweaters/gloves/shoes on and their kids don’t! WTF is wrong with you? If you are cold enough to be covered up then but a damn sweater on your kid.
Girls who wear their hair down at the gym. Now if your hair is not long enough to tie back OK that’s fine but I see women at the gym with hair down past their shoulders doing cardio. I don’t get it. My hair has to be off my neck, I’m sweating my ass off at the gym. Pull your hair back – it’s gross! Also the ones that come to the gym to socialize. There is one girl I see there that I have never seen work out her and her friends sit around and talk for an hour.
The word irregardless. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this one before but I really hate that word.
Cars with huge spoilers. You look like a douche. Enough said
I can’t loose weight. It is crazy, I eat well and I work out 4 days a week. I work full time and have two dogs and a 4 year old. I’m not lazy…WTF I can’t loose weight. I feel like its hopeless how can someone how works out as hard as I do not loose weight. It’s not even how much I weight. I could be 300lbs for all I care I just want to shed this fat. What am I doing wrong? It was never this hard before I had Roo
When someone asks you a question then doesn’t listen to the answer. That is rude, just don’t talk to me then.
People who stand to close to me. Give me some personal space please
Shitty servers. Why do you work at a restaurant if you suck at your job? We had the worst service when we went out to breakfast Sunday morning. She brought me coffee. No cream, they didn’t have any. I saw cream on every other table. She brings biscuits. No butter. I ask her for butter and she forgot. She brings my eggs. I ask for hot sauce. They don’t have any; again is see hot sauce on 4 other tables. Maybe she just didn’t like me? It really sucked and the food wasn’t that good either.
User that call me to say their printers aren’t working and they’ve tried EVERYTHING. I get there and it’s out of paper! Most of the time it’s women who do this.
Pumping gas. I will drive around on E I hate pumping gas. I will take hubby’s car and leave him mine. I really hate pumping gas. BTW, on the way to work this morning my gas light came on (sigh)
People who are way to into their pets. I have two dogs and we’ve had them since we first started dating. I love my dogs. I drove to Alaska and back because I wouldn’t put them on a plane. I get it. I love my dogs but some people are crazy with this. IT’S A PET. They don’t need to have more clothes than you. They don’t need their own room and no I don’t want to see photos of them dressed up from Halloween.
Tattle-tails. Didn’t your mom ever teach you it is not nice to tattle?
Speaking of moms. Shitty moms piss me off. Take care of your kids. They come before you job, your boyfriend, best friend, and everything else. AND stop sending your sick kids to school/daycare. You get the rest of our kids sick and that pisses me off.

People who’ve never served in our military making decisions for those serving. Enlist or if you’re to old to enlist, sent your kids then you can ‘vote’ on their raises, cost of living, benefits and sending them away from their families for years at a time. I think your opinions may change a bit when you’re in their shoes.
And while I’m talking about the military, I’m sick of hearing the bitching about deploying. I get it, it sucks I know but we have an all volunteer force. You are in the MILITARY. That is what we do! We fight wars (even if we don’t believe in them) Everyone’s has had an enlistment end since September 11th, if you don’t like the military and don’t support the war…GET OUT. To the rest of you; thank you for everything you do for this country and I’m sorry you’re not told that enough.

The fact that I've been out of the military for over 4 years and haven't gone back to school.

Last but not least. Living so far away from my family. I feel like my niece is growing up without me and Godsons don’t even know who I am.

Whew; I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent. Hope everyone has a great week.


calicobebop said...

Girl, I hear ya. On every single point! Especially the gas thing, the losing weight thing and both of your military points. Sometimes it just feels good to let it out!

Now go get some gas! :)

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