Wednesday, October 14, 2009

(VERY Late) Weekend wrap up

Oh where to start...originally I was going to go to Maine Oct 7th - Oct 11th. You see; October 7th was my Grampy's 75th birthday. My dad was murdered when I was 3 so I was raised with my Grampy and Uncles as my father figures. Grampy even lived with us until I was about 5 (and he married my grandmother). To me (and my mom, sister, aunts) Grampy can walk on water. He's the greatest man in the entire world. He was dealt a bad hand but he's a survivor and he taught all of us be the same way. I've only seen Grampy mad twice in my 26 years of life. No matter what I did as a teenage when I'd call him he'd always say the same thing "it's all right Krissy" When my mom wouldn't let me do something i wanted growing up I'd call Grampy and rat her out. LOL. Whenever I needed 5 bucks or a ride he was there. He gave me my first Budweiser and fixed my car when I crashed it. He pretty much rocks! I remember when I told him I was joining the military he said "Krissy, you're going in the Air Force of you're not going" and that was that. I enlisted in the Air Force and I know he was proud of me. When I was pregnant with Roo I wanted a boy SOOOO bad. Grampy said "Well Krissy; I don't care what it is as long as it's healthy. And a girl!" He's always loved the ladies. He got what he wanted and we named her after him.
Anyway I got totally off track - I didn't end up going to Maine. The plane tickets where way to much and I was just up there 3 weeks ago for my nieces birthday and I got to see my grandparents so I wasn't to bummed about not going. Hubby and I already had the approved time off from work so we decided to take a little family get a way. We rented a room at the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg VA. If you're not familiar with the Great Wolf Lodge; it's a hotel when an indoor water park - and it was AWESOME! The room was pretty pricey but we had a blast. I was so proud of Roo because she went down her first 'real' waterslide and I'm not talking a baby slide (she's been doing those since she was 2) I am a real waterslide. She loved them. There was also a kiddy area with small slides, a wave pool and hot tubs. We got there Thursday around 2pm and as soon as we where checked in we hit the water park. Then we got cleaned up and went out to dinner, after dinner we hit up the hotel arcade. At 8pm they have story time in the lobby of the hotel so we took Roo up for that and then got ice cream!
Friday we where back at the water park and by the time we where done there and on our way home the three of use where exhausted! Hubby went to play cards with the boys Friday night but Roo and I didn't move from the couch, except to walk upstairs to our beds.
Saturday - hummm what did we do Saturday? Oh yeah; it was Roo's BFF birthday party so we hit up Target and let Roo go wild in the clearance aisle and then we headed to the birthday party. I ended up playing with a handful of 4/5 year olds all afternoon. Lot's of fun. Saturday night Hubby and I stayed in and played the Wii
and Sunday we brought Roo to see Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D. She had a great time and sat through both movies (and ate a crap load of popcorn).


calicobebop said...

Sounds like an AWESOME time! I never went to Great Wolf and I lived in Hampton Roads for five years! I'm such a slacker. Maybe we'll have to make a special trip back just for the indoor water park. :)

Anonymous said...

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