Friday, March 30, 2007


Anyone that knows John and I; knows that he tells me everything

I know all the TDY secrets, I know who's doing who, I know who is getting into trouble and why...TMI!

The problem with this - I hear all these things everyday and never tell anyone else about them. It's very frustrating! I use to tell people; I thought that the wives had a right to know what their husbands where doing while they were away...but I learned the hard way that they don't want to know. I was make the bad guy by saying something. I was told that I started rumors and spread lies about people. SO I let it go. I keep my mouth shut now and when I see these people out and about I just shake my head and turn the other way.

But just remember my mom use to always tell me when I was younger:

"People in glasses houses shouldn't throw stones"

Just a little venting!

Till next time...

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