Friday, March 16, 2007

Gym Etiquette

When you go to the gym you should have to sign some sort of contacts stating that you will follow all gym etiquette. I was at the gym last night and there was a girl walking on the treadmill talking on her cell phone. Not just for a minute be for 30 minutes. Everyone could hear her conversation. I go to the Ft Richardson gym so I understand that if your husband or wife is deployed that you want to have your phone on you in case they call. BUT if you do HAVE to have your phone on you and you receive a call; PLEASE have respect for everyone else trying to workout and take the phone call out in the hall way! K...I think I'm done with that one (for now).
My next complaint about girls at the gym is - this is not a beauty contest. If you are going to come to the gym get serious and WORKOUT. Again I was at the gym and this girl was there looking like she was ready to hit the clubs. She had on more makeup than I have when I go out!
Her hair was down (??) and she had all her jewelry on. OK so if all this is not bad enough she made she that she carried her Coach bag around with her too. I don't think I saw her do a single thing the whole time. It was like she just walked around making sure that everyone was checking her out! I find this quiet amusing but a little annoying at the same time. I mean nothing like making the rest of us feel a little self conscious!
I guess from now on I need to take a shower and get ready BEFORE I go to the gym; I better go buy some new clothes too...I don't' think my ratty gym tee shirts are going to cut it anymore!

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Melinda said...

I hate those girls that look all club ready at the gym too! I've had lots of experiences like this one at my gym. When I was in the weight room this girl was in there just looking at her self in the mirror didn't pick up one weight or anything. What she didn't realize is everyone in the room found her annoying!